Indivisible Little Rock & Central Arkansas announces plans to continue grassroots work in 2019, beginning with a demonstration at 11:30 a.m. Thursday outside Republican U.S. Rep. French Hill‘s office at 1501 North University.

The group will urge Hill to do something he likely will NOT do: Support legislation to be introduced by the new House Democratic majority. HR 1 will include a range of reforms on voting, money in politics and public corruption. It deserves bipartisan support. Given recent events, it seems unlikely.

Here’s more background on HR 1. As outlined by rising Speaker Nancy Pelosi in November, it includes:

a voting-rights plank that includes updates to the Voting Rights Act, measures to address gerrymandering, and automatic voter registration; an ethics plank that requires the President to disclose his or her tax returns and bans the use of taxpayer funds for congressional sexual-harassment settlements; and a campaign-finance plank that offers matching federal funds for small-dollar donations and requires super pacs to publicly disclose their donors. 

More about Indivisible at their website.