COURTESY OF THE ARKANSAS NONPROFIT NEWS NETWORK: Benji Hardy's reporting on the real-life impacts of Arkansas's unique-in-the-country Medicaid work reporting requirements and David Ramsey's authoritative and rollicking tale of Rusty Cranford, the man in the middle of the state's vast public corruption scandal.

If you believe public interest and investigative journalism is vitally important, consider making a donation to the Arkansas Nonprofit News Network today. All individual contributions up to $1,000 made before midnight on Dec. 31 will be doubled as part of the NewsMatch program. If you make a monthly recurring donation, it will be matched 12 times. For example, giving $30 a month (roughly a dollar a day) would earn a $360 match.

I founded ANNN in late 2016 because I knew first-hand that most newsrooms in Arkansas (including the Arkansas Times and increasingly the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette) don’t have the resources to do sustained reporting on complicated issues.


With money raised through grants and donations, ANNN hires journalists to cover a story or a topic. That reporting then gets distributed, for free, to about 20 media outlets throughout the state. We’ve written in-depth on health care, public corruption, juvenile justice and more.

Our work has been well received:


“The Arkansas Nonprofit News Network has been a boon for small newspapers in Arkansas. In the days of corporate media and ever-shrinking staffing levels, newspapers struggle to develop hard-hitting and deeply crafted reporting. The Arkansas Nonprofit News Network’s ability to take the time to investigate issues gives readers the information they need to form an educated opinion.”

Sonny Elliott
Managing Editor
Baxter Bulletin/USA Today Network

All the money raised for ANNN goes directly into the journalism. I haven’t drawn any salary from it — I’ve only put money in, not taken any out.

We’d hoped to raise $10,000 during this NewsMatch campaign, but thanks to the generosity of so many of you, we’re nearing $30,000! Help us surpass it!


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