SO NEAR BUT SO FAR: A marijuana dispensary open for business in Oklahoma. HIGHER HEALTH OKLAHOMA

Oklahoma is willing to help Arkansans receive medical marijuana, but an Arkansas catch prohibits it.

As noted previously, Oklahoma voters approved medical marijuana in June and a booming business is already in progress. In Arkansas, 26 months after voter approval, the state is still months away from cultivated marijuana for sale. So far dispensary licenses haven’t been awarded.


Into the breach could step Oklahoma. As reported here by KFSM, people with a medical marijuana license in another state can apply for a 30-day temporary license to purchase the drug at Oklahoma dispensaries.

But, it would appear there’s no way for an Arkansan to prove they have a medical marijuana license. According to the state Health Department, 6,743 people have been approved for medical marijuana use in Arkansas. But, says the website, “Registry ID cards will not be available for printing until 1 month prior to Medical Marijuana availability in Arkansas dispensaries.”


Said KFSM:

Unfortunately, those in Arkansas who have been approved for a medical marijuana license but have not received a card yet are unable to receive cannabis in Oklahoma. The approval letter patients received will not be accepted as verification.

In Arkansas, once the law takes effect, people from other states similarly will be able to obtain the drug here. But the website notes:


A visiting qualifying patient may obtain marijuana from a dispensary with completion of a visiting patient form and producing evidence of his or her registry identification card or its equivalent that is issued under the laws of another state, district, territory, commonwealth, or insular possession of the United States.

UPDATE: New guidance from an Arkansas Health Department spokesman following news that issuance of MMJ cards in Arkansas was some time off. According to KTHV, the spokesman said, the department

anticipates to issue medical marijuana cards to approved patients within 30 days, pending January 9 Medical Marijuana Commission Meeting when commission announces dispensary scores