The federal government shutdown affects more than Democratic-leaning voters in the Washington area. You’d think we’d have heard at least some sympathetic noises from the Arkansas congressional delegation by now.

But come to think of it, the likes of Rep. French Hill and Sen. Tom Cotton are not known for their empathy.

In any case, here’s the Washington Post rundown on federal workers nationwide harmed by the shutdown. There are ancillary sufferers, too, on the rolls of those seeking federal assistance and tax refunds, hoping to clear security lines in airports, find clean toilets in national parks and other endeavors in which we depend on government help.

In Arkansas, says the post, these are the top three agencies affected and the number of employees:


Agriculture 1,700
Health and Human Services (FDA) 400
Justice 400

PS: A reader notes an NPR story that reports the shutdown figures don’t include 4 million workers employed nationwide as contract employees. Many of them, too, undoubtedly work in Arkansas.