GIVE IT A WHACK: Or 40, just like Lizzie Borden. A 75-minute session of axe-throwing costs $26 in Bentonville. 40/29

40/29 brightens my morning with a report that the state’s first axe-throwing facility, the Urban Forest Axe House, has opened in Bentonville.

“It’s a place to come and be primal and unplug from all the notifications and screens and things that are consuming our lives,” said Bryce Paden, one of the co-founders of Urban Forest Ace House. “And you get to throw axes at wooden targets, it’s one of the best things ever.”

The concept is simple – grab your family or friends, pick up an axe, and throw it from behind the line. Urban Forest Axe House has nine lanes to accommodate anyone 13 years or older. They must wear closed-toe shoes to participate.