'ABSURD': Can't quarrel with Johnny Key's assessment of failure by him and others to enforce a state law on truancy. Brian Chilson

KATV highlights an item
of education interest — dozens of Arkansas schools are punishing truants with out-of-school suspension, contrary to a 2013 state law that was supposed to prohibit this practice. It gets worse:

Catch this quote:


“You have kids that are truant and your discipline for them is to kick them out of school. There’s laughter because it is absurd when you think about it,” said Education Commissioner Johnny Key.

Then catch the list of violators posted by KATV. It includes the Little Rock School District, of which Johnny Key is the school board since it is under state control, and also the Pulaski County Special School District, itself not long off state control. Also the Pine Bluff School District, currently under state control, too.

Heal thyself, Mr. Key.


KATV quotes an expert (not that one is really needed) to point that students who are behind in school are going to get farther behind if they are not allowed to attend.

The law has no enforcement mechanism against districts. But, if your students do poorly enough, Johnny Key gets to take them over. So there’s that. Four years haven’t produced much in Little Rock, however.