Legislators can accept free grub and swill as long as all are invited to a social event so no problem with the head of the Senate having them in for gumbo and stuff after new officeholders are installed next week. I’m guessing Griffin’s bulging campaign war chest will be used to defray the cost.

The secretary of state’s online financial disclosure portal says Griffin has more than $500,000 on hand, but the website also appears to be out of date, not reflecting filings for the general election.

Fixing up that hinky, incomplete and unreliable financial disclosure website would be a good place for new Secretary of State John Thurston to start work, unless he’s out shopping for a bass boat.

While on the subject of the SOS: Anybody heard what Mark Martin will be doing now that term limits has temporarily retired him? I say temporarily because he once proclaimed he was the most popular politician in Arkansas. I dream of a 2020 primary gubernatorial betwen him, Tim, Leslie Rutledge, Jim Hendren and maybe more. Somebody would HAVE to lose.