TYPICAL KING: This was before the remarks lending comfort to white suipremacists.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell
came very close today to calling for Rep. Steve King, the Iowa Republican, to resign from Congress on account of his racist remarks. Don’t hold your breath for similar from Arkansas Republicans.

According to the Washington Post, McConnel said:


…there is ‘no place in the Republican Party, the Congress or the country for an ideology of racial supremacy of any kind.”

…“I have no tolerance for such positions and those who espouse these views are not supporters of American ideals and freedoms,” McConnell said in a written statement to The Washington Post. “Rep. King’s statements are unwelcome and unworthy of his elected position. If he doesn’t understand why ‘white supremacy’ is offensive, he should find another line of work.”

You might have missed it, because it got buried in a briefs roundup Sunday, but the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette’s Frank Lockwood attempted to get comment from the Arkansas delegation on King’s recent racist outburst.

He got no response from Sens. Tom Cotton and John Boozman and Reps. Bruce Westerman and Rick Crawford. Rep. Steve Womack said he “condemns hate and bigotry of any kind.”


Rep. French Hill, who relied heavily on racist appeals in his re-election campaign and who continues to follow the Trump line of demonizing immigrants, took the cake. He managed to issue a statement PRAISING King. He reportedly denounced racially offensive ideology, but said in a prepared statement to the D-G:

“It was right for Rep. Steve King to condemn the evil ideology of white supremacy and white nationalism. These racist ideas go against what we stand for as Americans and have no place in our rhetoric or society.”

This is a reference to King’s butt-covering remarks after the New York Times reported his recent racist remarks, only the latest in a history marked by the same.

When you look awful compared with Mitch McConnell …..

PS: Remember when Sen. Lindsey Graham called Tom Cotton the “Steve King of the Senate”?