DIVERSITY: Walton money will help support the group that sponsors NWA Pride.

A news release says Walton/Walmart money will power an effort by nonprofits devoted to diversity in Northwest Arkansas.

TRUE Northwest Arkansas, an initiative of the Arkansas Community Foundation, will advance “diversity, equity and inclusion” in Benton and Washington Counties, with $1 million in support from the Walmart Foundation and Walton Family Foundation for 10 organizations that represent African-American, Hindu, Islamic, Latino, LGBT+ and Marshallese communities.:

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· Arkansas Coalition of Marshallese
· Arkansas United
· Bentonville Islamic Center
· Catholic Charities of Arkansas (in collaboration with the Arkansas Justice Collective)
· Hindu Association of Northwest Arkansas
· Hispanic Women’s Organization of Arkansas
· Northwest Arkansas Equality (in collaboration with the Transgender Equality Network)
· OneCommunity
· RootED
· The Urban League of the State of Arkansas.

The news release said Walton money began supporter TRUE in 2018 “to help ensure all members of the Northwest Arkansas community can thrive and feel included.” Sam Walton’s grandson, Steuart and Tom Walton, are credited with influencing the work.


That’s nice. But ….

Here’s a practical idea for helping oppressed minorities in Northwest Arkansas. Pour some money (like the millions the Waltons have spent electing a Los Angeles school board or like they’ll likely spend to control a Little Rock school board should one ever be elected) into defeating the many elected officials in their region, from city councils to state legislature, that disdain diversity, particularly when it comes to LGBT people.


Northwest Arkansas Republicans have been driving forces in law — LAW! — to protect legal discrimination against LGBT people and the governor has not objected to any of that legislation. 

You won’t find much comfort for immigrants among Northwest Arkansas Republicans, nor support for medical rights for women, nor support for affirmative action, nor even opposition to slave labor. A few dollars for people who’ve stood up to this thinking would be welcome, too. There’s $100 billion or so where that $1 million came from.