Also in the bill hopper today, legislation by Rep. Stephen Meeks to prohibit employers from implanting microchips in employees without their written consent and prohibiting making implantation of a chip a condition of employment.

The legislation also provides for an employer to pay for removal of a chip if requested.


Well. Who knew?

In this and in other things, I’m behind emerging technology. From the Washington Post:


The technology company Three Square Market made headlines last year for implanting microchips in the arms of nearly 100 employees, allowing them to open doors, log on to their computers and purchase snacks from company vending machines with a simple swipe of their arm.

The chips were initially little more than an innovative novelty, but now the Wisconsin-based company — which designs software for vending machines — has a more ambitious plan, according to chief executive Todd Westby. During an appearance on CNBC, Westby said his company is working on a more sophisticated microchip that is powered by human body heat and includes GPS tracking capabilities and voice activation.

[Some feared hackers and the devil. Others got microchipped.]

Microchips with GPS tracking may strike some as the first step toward handing our autonomy over to Skynet-like government overlords, and Three Square Market officials acknowledge that the chips will offer a convenient way to track people — especially those suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Privacy concerns? You bet. And millions of things I’m sure I haven’t thought about.

I have no idea if this is being used by any employer in Arkansas. But we are moving toward a cashless and cardless society with cell phones and you could see where you could eliminate the phone company middleman with an implant.


I’d be interested in hearing from anyone with experience.