The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports that additional paid subscriptions — 1,003 at $20 each — will mean the survival of its Arkansas Life magazine, but it will convert from monthly  to quarterly print publication, with monthly editions online only.

The magazine previously had about 3,500 subscribers paying $10 a year, with another 20,000 distributed free by mail. A print edition is in process for February. Quarterly editions will begin in April. The article doesn’t specify if free circulation will continue for the quarterly or if the subscription cost will rise for the 3,500.

Publisher Walter Hussman had sent an appeal for paid subscriptions with the January issue saying it might cease without a “substantial” response because the magazine had been operating at a loss.

The change will eliminate the printing and mailing of almost 24,000 copies eight times a year and produce $20,000 in additional income.

UPDATE: Lynn Hamilton, the Democrat-Gazette president, said there’s no final decision on circulation yet but it will be maintained at the current level and perhaps be higher. Existing subscribers will be asked for an increase to $20 when their subscriptions are up for renewal. He said the staff was gratified with the positive response to their social media campaign for additional subscribers.