Stories are popping up all over of acts of kindness extended to people without income thanks to Donald Trump.

* COURT COSTS: From KATV comes a report that district court judges in Conway have suspended collection of fines, fees and costs from federal employees.

* SCHOOL LUNCHES: The Little Rock School District announced that people hurt by the shutdown may immediately qualify for free and reduced-price lunches, even if their normal incomes would disqualify them.

These are but a couple of acts ranging from free doughnuts to rental payment forbearance.

I’m of two minds. Let’s praise charity by those making up for Donald Trump’s hostage-taking. But many people find themselves in financial straits not of their making. Layoffs happen. Medical bills happen. But blanket protection for the unemployed isn’t typical, if it happens at all in court or elsewhere. You may remember Congress took steps to ensure you may never be forgiven credit card debt.

It’s sad, but … The larger the humanitarian crisis the greater the likelihood that Donald Trump — or at least Republicans in Congress — might see the light and reopen the government.