The famous Doonesbury cartoon of Watergate-era 1973 inevitably came to mind today on the report that Donald Trump instructed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about his Russian connections. But …..

If subsequent reports that there’s proof of this in Robert Mueller’s hands — Cohen tapes maybe? — are true, would even THAT persuade Republicans to join in impeachment and removal of the national disaster in the White House? I’m not sure. And I’m not sure Mike Pence wouldn’t be worse.


PS: From Daily Beast’s account:

According to the report, investigators first learned about Trump’s alleged directive for Cohen to lie from interviews with multiple Trump Organization witnesses, internal company emails, text messages, and other documents.

Cohen is said to have then confirmed investigators’ findings, telling them that Trump approached him after the election and personally instructed him to lie and say Trump Tower negotiations had ended months earlier than they actually had—a move that Mueller alleged in earlier court filings was aimed at “limiting the ongoing Russia investigations.”

“Make it happen,” Trump was quoted as telling Cohen by sources who spoke to BuzzFeed.

Update: Friday evening Mueller’s office issued a rare public statement saying aspects of the article were inaccurate. No specifics given but this casts a pall on it all, obviously