It’s a good day for legislative pocketbooks, with free eats and drinks on tap all day long courtesy of entrenched lobbies. The schedule:

BREAKFAST: It was this morning at the Capitol Hill building, thrown by the Arkansas Area Agencies on Aging.

LUNCH: Also at the Capitol Hill Building, courtesy of the Arkansas Forestry Association.

COCKTAIL HOUR AND DINNER: Under the big tent on the Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce parking lot.


Since all legislators are invited, the lobbyists are exempt from the no-free-swill rule nominally passed by voters a few years ago. Lobbyists and legislators have made it clear, however, that though these might appear to constitute meetings of the General Assembly, YOU, the taxpayer, are not welcome. But the sidewalks are public if you’d like to leaflet the C of C against taking away the minimum wage increase, protecting negligent nursing homes from lawsuits or taking over your local school district.