HOW BAD ARE TRUMP POLL NUMBERS? Nancy Pelosi tops him in preference for president. WIKIPEDIA

New numbers from Public Policy Polling won’t comfort Donald Trump:

* 60 percent disagree on shutdown and 57 percent want Congress to reopen without funding for the wall. The sample shows a 55-43 split on placing blame for the shutdown on Trump and Republicans over Democrats in Congress.


* Any Democrat named beats Trump in a race for president. No matter the opponent, he scores about 41 percent.

* A plurality think he’s committed a crime as president and 60 percent believe that, if he has, he should be indicted.


* The public trust major media more than him.

* He’s viewed as the worst president of the last 40 years.


* Best for last:

…voters say they’d prefer to have either Chuck Schumer (46-41) or Nancy Pelosi (47-44) over Trump as President.

Sorry. No state-by-state breakdown to give Trump some southern comfort though it undoubtedly could be found.

PS: These numbers are terrible for Trump, but I still can’t shake the solid 40 percent he retains.