Washington Post webpage screenshot

The Washington Post in my book is leading the world on coverage of Trump, Congress and politics generally. This summary of Donald Trump’s cave-in is a case in point. Tough, factual and informed.

I found myself reading the Post so often their paywall kicked in. I subscribed and haven’t regretted it. The lede on this piece:


His poll numbers were plummeting. His FBI director was decrying the dysfunction. The nation’s air travel was in chaos. Federal workers were lining up at food banks. Economic growth was at risk of flatlining, and even some Republican senators were in open revolt.

So on Friday, the 35th day of a government shutdown that he said he was proud to instigate, President Trump finally folded. After vowing for weeks that he would keep the government closed unless he secured billions in funding for his promised border wall, Trump agreed to reopen it.

He got $0 instead.

Meanwhile, Trump is yammering this morning about non-existent threats to set the stage for invocation of an emergency declaration. Let’s have that legal battle by all means, just as so long as there’s no more hostage-taking of government workers and the people they serve in the name of his quest.

The New York Times, unforgivable as its campaign coverage was, has been doing good work, too. Such as the refutation of the border dangers Trump claims. Also this good piece on how it appears the closer you are to the border, the less you want a wall. Up in North Dakota and Montana, however, the angry Republican Trumpers are REALLY worked up about it.