Here’s your open line. Today’s events include a police shooting in Judsonia and an outpouring of enjoyable Internet memes about Nancy Pelosi’s owning of Donald Trump. Still more tomfoolery, beginning with a racier version of the one above:

I know. Trump has had big and damaging victories. He remains president and the war isn’t over. But I’ll take a solid victory when one occurs and the win on the government shutdown illustrates that elections (Democratic takeover of the House) DO have consequences.

Oh, also about Trump:


* He’s begun firing long-term undocumented workers (“illegals,” he’d call them) at his golf club.

* Appointees to the conference committee on border security from the Senate are not seen as hard-liners on the Republican side.

* Also: The following Tweet is enjoyable for the many comments, particularly about what Pelosi might have taken in her doggy bag. “Huevos naranjitas,” was one of many similar responses.

On a serious note:

Matthew Garrett, 24, of Judsonia was wounded by Judsonia police gunfire after he allegedly lunged toward an officer with a knife about 5 p.m. Friday, the State Police said. Police encountered Garrett after seeing him stumble across Highway 367. He ran when officers tried to put him a patrol car, according to the State Police account. He then stopped and turned toward officers with a hunting knife.


Following several minutes of attempts by the officers to persuade Garrett to drop the knife, Garrett “lunged” toward one of the officers who shot Garrett. Officers said they tried to get him to drop the knife, but fired when he lunged at them.