Leon Suggs, a Little Rock grocery store worker (Kroger in Hillcrest, the D-G said) won a $1 million prize with a $20 scratch-off Ultimate Millions lottery ticket, the state lottery has announced.

He bought the ticket Jan. 2 where he works.


“I won $500 playing the $5 “Hit $500!” so I took $100 of that money and bought five $20 Ultimate Millions tickets,” he said. “When I scratched the ticket and saw that I had won, I decided dreams do come true.”

He said he plans to invest the money and help his family. He waited until Friday to claim the prize “to get things in order.”

About a third of the winnings are withheld off the top for state and federal income taxes. The odds of winning the prize on a $20 ticket are 1 in 570,000.