A personal anecdote in support of the need for easier voting — such as online voting.

I wanted to cast a ballot in the Little Rock mayoral runoff Dec. 4.

This was a problem because I left the country on a trip before absentee ballots were prepared for the election.

You CAN, however, obtain an absentee ballot by e-mail from the county clerk.

But then you have to print it out and mail it in multiple envelopes. I did all this, with cutting and taping worthy of a busy kindergarten class. Then I had to mail it, with a postmark by election day. And then it had to be received, if mailed by someone temporarily out of the country, within 10 days after the election.

I decided to check today to see if the ballots my wife and I completed and mailed had counted in the election of Frank Scott Jr. as mayor.

Election fail for us.

I mailed the ballots Nov. 29, five days before the election. From Costa Rica. I suspected it would be a close call, even with the 10-day post-election grace period for foreign ballots. But I wanted to make the effort.

I learned today that the ballot did reach the Pulaski County clerk’s office.

But it arrived January 22, a mere 39 days late.

So what about online voting? According to this, 25 states have voting by email ballots or through an online portal. It should be easier to vote, not harder. I know. Hard voting is part of the Republican Party platform. But let’s do something so more vote and, when you do vote, the vote counts.