Ethics, schmethics. Where are the freebies for legislators? Today, they include:

Breakfast: Thrown at the Capitol Hill building by the Coalition for Tobacco Free Arkansas.

Lunch: The National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors has it covered, at the Capitol Hill Building. Note: “for legislators only.” This is in case anybody thinks that an invitation for all legislators to attend an event — a necessity to qualify for exemption from ethics law under the freebie loophole engineered by the felonious Jon Woods — it doesn’t mean YOU can attend.

“Tailgate reception” 5-7 p.m.: I”m guessing this means at least cocktail weenies and Grapette. Host: University of Arkansas System. Venue: Association of Arkansas Counties building. (The county lobby building is effectively paid by taxpayers, who supply the money with which counties pay their dues. What? You thought the elected officials paid for it out of their own pockets?)


I wonder: Do spouses fall under the “legislators only” rule? Surely they can fix that in the “ethics” package yesterday which would legalize campaign cash-financed junkets for legislators, spouses and “staff.”