GODFREY: Committed to expanding bilingual education and pre-K.

To understand why it is so important to have more women in the Arkansas legislature, watch this video of Democratic Reps. Nicole Clowney (Fayetteville), Denise Garner (Fayetteville) and Megan Godfrey (Springdale) from Friday’s legislative forum in Fayetteville. If you are short on time, I’d encourage you to skip ahead to minute 49 for Godfrey’s compelling statement on the bill that will all but outlaw abortion in Arkansas if Roe v. Wade is overturned. Warning: Her words hit hard. Get some tissues ready.

Godfrey points out that, instead of trying find common ground to help those in “impossible situations,” this bill actually makes it more difficult to have the conversations we need to have to improve the lives of women. She worries that the stories we hear from women who will be hurt will not be important enough to even be part of the conversation, much less convince her colleagues in the legislature. Unfortunately, she is likely correct.