RADLEY BALKO: Investigative reporter says Little Rock police practices are among the worst he's seen. But he has harsh words, too, for a recent police raid in Houston that left two dead.

Here’s Radley Balko of the Washington Post again, this time with a review of a no-knock drug raid in Houston that left two people with no meaningful criminal records dead and five officers wounded. Little in the way of drugs, weapons or alleged security fortifications were found. There’s a suggestion that officers might have hit the wrong address. Great work by local journalists.

Balko, you may recall, has written about the practices of Little Rock cops in no-knock raids. We’d hoped to republish Balko’s work. But the Democrat-Gazette is a client of the Post news service and has exercised its prerogative to exclusivity. Three months later, the D-G has not chosen to carry Balko’s work.

But Mayor Frank Scott Jr. spoke with appropriate concern about Little Rock police practices during his campaign, one reason he was opposed so strenuously by the Little Rock Fraternal Order of Police. He’s said he’s working on a new policy on no-knock raids as he takes charge of the selection of the next police chief. Both developments are worthwhile.