The Arkansas House
today approved, 56-40,  a resolution adding Arkansas to a list of states calling for a convention on amending the U.S. Constitution. This completes action on the resolution. Here’s the roll call.

As mentioned earlier, a convention of states holds far more peril that prospect for good. Motives are many — a balanced budget amendment, “clarification” of judicial interpretations of the Constitution that the backers don’t like, and so on.

Debate quoted Founding Fathers, invoked patriotism and otherwise produced a lot of heat but not much light. Will there be a runaway convention? Won’t there? Many opinions; lack of certainty. The only good news is that adoption of this idea by 34 states would lead to a convention called by Congress and then any work product — after the debacle — would require ratification by the states. That might be a slog. Every state doesn’t mirror the Arkansas legislation in political outlook.

Highlight of this piece of show business: Tax cheat Republican Rep. Mickey Gates spoke for the measure, orating about the federal deficit. People who don’t pay taxes, like Gates, contribute to deficits, of course. He also complained about unelected people (federal judges) leading to same-sex marriage. Marbury v. Madison means nothing to the Hot Springs tax scofflaw. The Arkansas Republican Party’s sufferance of full privileges for Mickey Gates should not be forgotten when they rant about misspeaking or inconsistencies in the rhetorical record of various Democrats.