Pressed by City Directors Erma Hendrix and Ken Richardson, City Manager Bruce Moore has provided more data on recruitment of Little Rock police officers who are city residents, including a report spent on incentives to attract city residents to the force.

Of 61 recruits hired after graduation from the last seven training classes, 50 remain on the force. Of those, 20, or 40 percent, are Little Rock residents.  Cabot is the next most popular city of residence, with 5, then Benton, Alexander and North Little Rock with four each. Here’s the full report.

The report doesn’t include racial and gender percentages on those still employed. The LRPD is overwhelmingly white and non-resident. About two-thirds are not residents, so the latest experience reflects a slight improvement.

The report says almost $750,000 was paid to a total of 99 recruits who were city residents. After a couple of recruits took the money and left several years ago, the policy was altered to require payback of the full $5,000 if they leave in the first year of employment and $2,500 if they leave in the second.