CLEANING UP: Satanic Arkansas

KFSM reports on Satanic Arkansas’s joining the state anti-litter program, with a commitment to police a stretch of Highway 300 near Roland in Pulaski County.

Shades of the KKK, which drew attention for similarly joining the anti-litter effort a few years back.


As the Department of Transportation notes, all groups are welcome as long as they don’t use profanity or engage in illegal activities.

“As long as the organization holds up their end of the agreement to pick up litter at least four times a year, ArDOT will provide them a sign,” [DOT’s Danny] Straessle said.

The organization says they want people to promote religious freedom in the state of Arkansas.

“We are a collective of like-minded Satanists who work to improve our community in Arkansas while we work to educate people about modern atheistic satanism and promote religious freedom in our state,” said an organization official.