My wife has been struggling with depression for a while now, and just the other day she confessed to me that she has been thinking about ending her life. I feel the main thing keeping her from finding a doctor or getting help is that she feels like she “should” be able to deal with it on her own – that if she is a good wife and mom she “shouldn’t” be having these thoughts or feelings al all. And neither of us knows what to do or what kind of treatment she needs or where to begin. She says she believes we will be better off without her, and I can tell she can’t hear me when I tell her that’s not true. I am scared for her and I don’t know what the first step is.

We have a lot of patients who come in feeling overwhelmed, hopeless, helpless and thinking of attempting (or have attempted) suicide. Because of the stigma surrounding mental health and suicide, a lot of our patients are dealing with shame on top of all the other stressors that have led to these thoughts. At Rivendell, we make sure that each patient knows they are cared for, that they aren’t being judged, and that they have found a safe place to begin to heal. It’s our mission to show compassion, give validation, and help our patients begin the healing process.

Most people who are contemplating suicide feel very alone. Being able to connect with others who can understand what the person is going through is an important part of the healing process. Our group therapy Key Quality provides that support. It’s empowering to know that you aren’t the only one who has felt this way and that there is hope on the other side of pain.

We also have close contact with the family to ensure that they know what is going on during treatment and how to better help their loved on transition home. Before a patient leaves the hospital, an appointment with a licensed therapist is secured. If you already have a therapist, we will contact that therapist and secure the appointment. If you don’t have a therapist, we will use our networks to find the best fit for you in your area.


When the appointment is made, it is our policy to make sure within seven days of discharging from the hospital, so that healing will continue. Our goal is to provide a safe, compassionate, judgement free place to help you find hope and healing.

Since 1985, Rivendell Behavioral Health Services of Arkansas has been committed to providing the best psychiatric and behavioral healthcare, with the goal of supporting the whole family.

Inpatient Care
Detox & Acute Psychiatric Care
Inpatient Hospitalization for Adults and Children

• No Cost Confidential Assessments
• 24 Hour Emergency Admissions
• Psychiatric Evaluation & Physician Supervised Stabilization
• Substance Abuse Detox Program
• Counseling & Education
• 4 Group Sessions per Day
• On Site AA/NA Support
• Friend & Family Visitation • Discharge Planning

Day treatment
Partial Hospitalization & Recovery 2 Week Day Program for Adults (Insurance/Private Pay)
• Monday-Friday 9am-2:30pm
• 5 Hours Therapy In Day Treatment
• Medication Management by Team Psychiatrist
• Lunch & Refreshments included
• Recreational Activities
• Guided Journaling
• Life Skills Seminar
• Individual Case Management & Aftercare Plan
• Transportation Available to Neighboring Cities • Referrals for Follow Up Support

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