SOUND THE BALLOT: A rump group of legislators objects to a statue for Johnny Cash, pictured here in the backyard of his Dyess boyhood home.

No one ever accused the Arkansas legislature of having good taste.

Among more substantive hijinks, the House yesterday rejected a measure to authorize two new statues to represent the state the U.S. Capitol, honoring civil rights icon Daisy Bates and country music legend Johnny Cash.


The statues would replace the current statues that depict Uriah Rose and James P. Clarke.

Bates has overwhelming support but the House was divided on Cash, with some Republicans expressing a preference for Sam Walton.


Rep. Doug House complained, “Mr. Cash is a great musician … but the drugs, the alcohol, the women, that kind of thing … no, I can’t hold him up to my children as a model.”

The bill initially passed 54-21, but then failed by one vote — 50-21 — after a procedural move that forced legislators to be in their seats for the vote.