TIPP MCCULLLUGH To propose equal pay legislation.

There are some legislators trying to make a difference for those in less comfortable circumstances.

A couple of bills coming today:


EQUAL PAY: State Rep. Tippi McCullough (D-Little Rock) will introduce legislation to require state agencies to pay equal wages to men and women and to “encourage” all employers to eliminate wage differentials. The legislation includes a state grant program to provide negotiation skills training to women.

Here’s the bill.


I look forward to the invented pretexts that people such as Sen. Trent Garner and Breanne Davis offered to counter the Equal Rights Amendment — unisex locker rooms, end of child support payments and other nonsense. But you KNOW ills will be invented for the notion of equal pay for women.

BAIL: Reps. Andrew Collins (D-Little Rock) and Jimmy Gazaway (R-Paragould) are sponsoring a bill to address the pernicious bail practices of many Arkansas courts. They want to gather uniform data on use of cash bail. Failure to post bail means people stack up time in jail, often for minor offenses, at a high cost to the jail operators. Comprehensive reporting could, time, be the basis for reform. But knowledge is a dangerous thing, so who knows how this idea will be received.