By popular demand, here’s a link to a story
from Missouri about a piece of legislation that is not a spoof: A Missouri Republican proposes to require ownership of an AR-15 by people 18 to 35 and a handgun by people older than 18.

The legislation would provide a tax credit for purchases of the weapons.


My question: How did Sen. Trent Garner get beaten to the punch on this commonsense idea to make everybody feel safer?

PS: The St. Louis Post-Dispatch says an aide to the legislator, a former deputy sheriff, is serious about this.


But wait: Another reporter,  for Splinter, reveals the real scam, and it’s odious enough.

Rep. Andrew McDaniel said he was just angling for the media attention he’s getting. He plans to amend the bills on required ownership to just leave in place the tax credits. Yes, he’s dead serious about legislating a government subsidy for gun purchases.


Calling Trent Garner.