MARVIN BURTON: Tapped to lead new high school.

The Little Rock School District announced yesterday that Superintendent Mike Poore had chosen Deputy Superintendent Marvin Burton to be principal of the new Southwest Little Rock High School to open in the fall of 2020.

Burton, who’s been with the district since 1989 and has experience as teacher and  principal, will begin the role this summer, pending approval of state Education Commissioner Johnny Key, who functions as the Little Rock school board under state control.


In December, when state Board of Education member Diane Zook presented a sweeping list of recommendations for her vision of Little Rock District operation, the recommendations included abolishing the jobs of Burton and Sadie Mitchell, another deputy superintendent. Most of her recommendations were rejected by other board members, but one aim will be realized by this move (presuming she approves of his choice as principal.) More recently, Zook called Burton and others on the carpet to report on failures by the district to adequately serve students with dyslexia.

Poore hasn’t said if he plans a replacement for Burton.