DUSTIN MOORE: Charged in murder.

A couple of gun deaths were reported in law enforcement releases this morning:

* NORTH LITTLE ROCK ROBBERY: The North Little Rock police said a person was fatally shot during a robbery about 11:30 p.m. Friday at the Valero station at 601 W. Broadway. Responding to a report of gunshots, officers found the fatally wounded person inside. No other details have been released.

UPDATE: Police say a customer was killed when two men entered to rob the store. KARK identified him Sunday as Shawn McKeogh, a senior airman at LRAFB who was killed when he tried to stop the robbery.

* PULASKI MURDER AR RESTS: The sheriff’s office said  Dustin Moore, 25, and Cari Williams, 25, have been charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death yesterday of Danny Bennett of North Little Rock. According to a report, the two had gone to house on Overstreet Road near Maumelle, close to where Bennett had been staying, to look at a four-wheeler. Bennett confronted them when they went inside a privacy fence. Moore reportedly told deputies a fight ensued during which he shot Bennett. According to the report, Moore said Bennett was not armed, but Williams said Bennett had stabbed Moore. The report said there was no evidence of that.