SUNSHINE IN JUDICIAL RACES: Republican Jimmy Gazaway of Paragould pushes new disclosure requirements for outside groups. BRIAN CHILSON

Rep. Jimmy Gazaway (R-Paragould) says he will present his HB 1410 to provide protection to renters at a committee meeting after adjournment today. The bill will incorporate changes suggested by the Arkansas Realtors Association, but that powerful lobby still won’t support the bill. Update: needing 11 votes, the bill got 10 with a number of members not voting.  It can be reconsidered. More to come.

Said Gazaway in a note to me:  “They have submitted language that has been adopted into the bill – the exact language they requested, in fact, language they wrote – but they are still not supporting the bill. Saying they are neutral.”


So if House Insurance and Commerce Committee members beholden to realtors on account of campaign contributions, steak dinners or the mere brilliance of their arguments vote against the bill, don’t blame the realtors. Right? It’s just good government. That has to be the reason Arkansas is the only — ONLY — state in the United States without a guarantee of habitability of residential rental housing.

These amendments were added last week.