REP. NICOLE CLOWNEY: Loses on bill to prevent gun ownership by those convicted of domestic violence.

Another win for guns. The House today defeated Rep. Nicole Clowney’s HB 1655 to prohibit gun ownership by those convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence as defined by federal law.

That’s federal law already, but this would allow state enforcement. Clowney said it was no new restriction on gun rights. The House didn’t buy. Among others,  Rep. Cindy Crawford (R-Fort Smith) favored a no vote because she said the problem with domestic violence was people, not guns. She told the story of a victim of domestic violence killed by a knife. She said there should be programs to reduce domestic violence.

Same old same old. The vote was 35-38. Here’s the roll call.

Clowney said:


“A vote against this bill amounts to a vote to protect domestic abusers who are in violation of federal law. This bill would have protected victims of domestic violence, as well as law enforcement officers, in what are the deadliest calls for them to answer. The vote on the House floor is devastating news for victims of domestic violence and law enforcement in Arkansas. They deserve better.”

The no votes compiled by Democratic Party


Stan Berry – Dover
Ken Bragg – Sheridan
Harlan Breaux – Holiday Island
Frances Cavenaugh – Walnut Ridge
Craig Christiansen – Bald Knob
Bruce Coleman – Mountainberg
Cameron Cooper – Romance
Bruce Cozart – Hot Springs
Cindy Crawford – Fort Smith
Marsh Davis – Cherokee Village
Gary Deffenbaugh – Van Buren
Jana Della Rosa – Rogers
Jim Dotson – Bentonville
Brian Evans – Cabot
Lanny Fite – Benton
Jack Fortner – Yellville
Justin Gonzales – Okolona
Mike Holcomb – Pine Bluff
Lee Johnson – Greenwood
Jasen Kelly – Benton
Jack Ladyman – Jonesboro
Austin McCollum – Bentonville
Gayla McKenzie – Gravette
Stephen Meeks – Greenbrier
Josh Miller – Heber Springs
John Payton – Wilburn
Clint Penzo – Springdale
Rebecca Petty – Rogers
Aaron Pilkington – Clarksville
Jeff Wardlaw – Hermitage
Richard Womack – Arkadelphia