EXCEPT FOR ARKANSAS: The question apparently has been answered. Brian Chilson

A tweet from KATV’s Matt Mershon indicates that, for yet another legislative session, realtor/landlord opposition has killed an effort to provide a guarantee of livable premises for residential renters.

You could see this coming in Benji Hardy’s extensive report last night on the failure by Rep. Jimmy Gazaway (R-Paragould) to get a bill out of committee despite additions of amendments written by the real estate lobby. Advocates of the bill indicated the amendments weakened it considerably. The lobby still didn’t support the bill and that opposition was reflected in a number of committee votes.


Sad. Arkansas apparently will remain the ONLY state in the country without a law that provides some assurance of safe and health premises for tenants. Don’t like it? Forfeit your deposit on your unheated, leaky slum and get lost!

Drinks are on the Realtors Association. And, in due time, some campaign contributions, too.