The Arkansas House today illustrated a rare dose of compassion: It gave an overwhelming aye vote to the bill by Rep. Dan Douglas (R-Bentonville) to require in-state tuition for residents of Arkansas who are graduates of Arkansas high schools.

In other words, “illegals” who’ve lived in Arkansas at least three years and have an Arkansas high school or equivalency diploma get in-state tuition. Over the years, some winked at this, then Gov. Mike Beebe cracked down. This should help college enrollment, for one thing.

The vote: 75-10.

The nays:

Coleman J. Mayberry McCollum McKenzie Pilkington Rye
B. Smith Speaks Sullivan Wardlaw Womack

The not voting (same effect as nay)

Crawford Deffenbaugh Eaves Gates M. Gray G. Hodges
Lowery Maddox Tosh Wooten Mr. Speaker

The “presents” — also same as nay:

Eubanks Gonzales Richmond