Quinton Laird, 38, of Augusta died this morning at a Searcy hospital after being pepper sprayed earlier by Augusta police and the State Police has been asked to investigate the death.

From a State Police release:


Augusta police officers were called to 601 Hough Street sometime after 3 a.m. when a resident inside the house reported a prowler outside the location and accused Laird later of kicking a door open and going to bed.

As Laird was removed from the house by police he reportedly began to resist as he was being handcuffed, leading to an officer to apply a chemical agent (pepper spray) to Laird who eventually became unresponsive.

Officers began life-saving measures and called for an ambulance to transport Laird to Searcy where a physician pronounced Laird dead at 4:47 AM.

The state Crime Lab and State Police investigators will investigate and present findings to the Woodruff County prosecutor.