The Columbia Journalism Review comments here on the sudden media fever that suggests a report is coming soon from special counsel Robert Mueller. Bottom line: Who knows?  But I note this line about varying media approaches to the story reminded me of something else:

Triangulating clues seems necessary because Mueller’s investigation is “hermetically sealed,” as The New York Times put it. His office has been remarkably impervious to leaks; when he communicates, it’s almost always through court documents. In recent weeks, the most useful journalism has stuck to what we know for sure

Kenneth Starr anyone? His six years of unproductive Whitewater witch hunting — save the Monica Lewinsky/Paula Jones perjury trap — was a leak factory. He and his team colluded with friendly media in what looked for all the world like a partisan hit job on the Clintons. Subsequent appointments of his team to federal judgeships, including kegstanding Bart O’Kavanaugh, haven’t dispelled the reek of partisan politics. Nor has Starr’s continued declarations of the lack of Clinton family morals (even as he presided over sex scandals at Baylor.)

Mueller’s silence lends credibility to his work, whatever and whenever the final outcome.