DENISE GARNER: Legislative Council won't endorse her ideas for gun safety studies.

Rep. Denise Garner
(D-Fayetteville), who defeated Republican Rep. Charlie Collins in part because of his passage of the law that forced colleges to allow concealed weapons on campus, has filed three gun safety bills, including one to roll back the Collins legislation.

Her HB 1938 would return to colleges and university governing boards the decision on whether to allow concealed weapons on campus. It would also prohibit storage or possession of a handgun in student housing. Virtually all colleges and universities in the state, including the University of Arkansas, opposed Collins’ legislation.


HB 1939 would provide for universal background checks before sale or transfer of a firearm. Now just federally licensed dealers are covered. Private parties would have to go to a licensed dealer to perform the background check.

HB 1940 would require use of a “restraint holster” by those who carry a handgun. Definition:


(a) As used in this section, “restraint holster” means a holster capable of carrying or storing a handgun on the body of a person and that has at least two (2) of the following restraints designed to secure the handgun:
(1) Thumb strap;
(2) Mechanical lock; or
(3) Adjustable tension.

Don’t look for the NRA to get on board this safety bandwagon. Voters in her district did.