THERE SHE GOES AGAIN: Rep. Robin Lundstrum makes another late-night attack on voter-approved minimum wage.

At a late-night committee session Thursday, Rep. Robin Lundstrum pulled another sneak attack, pushing out an amended version of one of her bills to roll back the minimum wage increase approved by voters in November.

Last night, with no advance notice, she got committee approval around 9:10 pm., for HB 1752, which caps the minimum wage at $9.25, lopping off two years of increases to $11, for businesses with fewer than 25 employees (thousands of them) and for nonprofit developmental service providers and nonprofits with an operating budget of less than $1 million.


Rules were suspended to hear Lundstrum’s bill because an earlier approval in committee (similarly done late in the day with little opportunity for opponents to speak) occurred without the amendment being engrossed into the bill.  Lundstrum added the amendment on the House floor Thursday. It was intended to clear up the original language that lawyers had said returned the minimum wage to $7.25 an hour, not just freezing it at $9.25.

She’d pushed out this bill and a rollback of minimum wage for teens earlier in the week despite legal arguments that she was making the minimum $7.25. She got the clarifying amendment added Thursday to HB 1752 and re-referred it to the Public Health, Welfare and Labor Committee. Chairman Jack Ladyman suspended rules around 9:10 p.m., explained the need to consider the bill again, and it was done without discussion.