REP. REGINAL MURDOCK: 'We need to be just as vigorous at re-enrolling them as we were at kicking them off.'

Democratic legislators filed a bill today to reinstate all those who lost Medicaid coverage because of failure to comply with the work rule and to require the Department of Human Services to notify those people of restored coverage.

The work rule was struck down in federal court last week. The state hopes the decision will be appealed, but in the meanwhile says no one else will be removed from the program on account of work reporting failures.


But the legislation by Reps. Andrew Collins and Reginal Murdoch says it’s unclear an effort was planned to notify all those 18,000 affected before the court ruling. The legislation, filed as the legislative session draws to a close and the Medicaid budget bill still hung up in part because of the loss of the work rule, reinstates those who lost coverage and does not require a new application process for them.

At a news conference, Collins said the 18,000 had been done a great injustice and Murdoch called for a fix as vigorous as the effort that threw them off.