The Buzz’s morning talk show during my drive this morning was all about NCAA basketball, what with the Final Four bracket in place and the Hogs searching for a new coach And then I thought: Did somebody say “bracket“?

I was reminded of the brouhaha last year when several women in local broadcasting objected to the station’s long-running annual “Babe Bracket,” in which local women broadcasters were pitted in a listener competition modeled on the NCAA tournament. This gave rise to a vibrant #morethanababe discussion on Twitter and, ultimately, a reformulation of the competition. It became the Bracket With No Name. Competitors talked about their favorite charities and the winner got $500 for the charity of their choice. Emotions sometimes ran high in the debate over whether the competition was sexist. Some of my regular haters still angrily recall my siding with the women who objected.

This year, the bracket is no more. The morning Show With No Name is running a music bracket. I got no direct response to an e-mail question, but David Bazzell, one of the morning crew, acknowledged my note and confirmed the end of the old bracket on air this morning (with the usual razzing of me.)

Hat tip to The Show With No Name at The Buzz for retiring the Babe Bracket to the vault of golden oldie radio promotions.

Music bracket?

Free Bird!