An interesting summary from recent Public Policy Polling:

PPP’s newest national poll finds that Bill Barr’s letter summarizing the findings of the Mueller investigation hasn’t done much to help Donald Trump with public opinion…and that voters are a lot more interested in health care and the Republican tax plan than the Russia investigation anyway.

A majority think Trump’s a liar and an even bigger percentage want the Mueller report released. And numbers haven’t moved much, if at all, since the Barr summary that Mueller hadn’t found sufficient evidence to allege a crime of conspiring with the Russian government or obstruction of justice. But, for the information of the herd of Democratic presidential candidates:


Voters don’t care that much about the Russia investigation anyway though. When asked whether they think health care or the Russia investigation is a more important issue, health care wins out 80-8. And when asked whether the Republican tax plan or the Russia investigation is a more important issue, the tax plan wins out 65-18. And Trump and Republicans have a lot of trouble on both of those issues.

The Affordable Care Act continues to enjoy the new found popularity it’s had since Trump took office. 49% of voters support it to just 30% now who are opposed. There’s strong opposition to the Justice Department’s recently expressed support for striking down the Affordable Care Act- just 34% of voters agree with them on that to 53% who disagree.

Trump’s proposed cuts to Medicaid and Medicare are possibly the most unpopular thing he’s done since taking office. Just 20% of voters support them to 67% who are opposed. It’s hard to find an issue where Trump’s voters against him, but on these cuts only 39% of his own base stands with him to 40% opposed. Clinton voters stand against the cuts 88-6. Overall voters trust Democrats more than Republicans on the issue of health care 49-38.

The tax plan that Trump and Republicans hoped would get them back on the good side of public opinion in late 2017 after the party’s summer troubles with health care is proving to be a problem for them too. Only 25% of voters support it, to 40% who are opposed. Just 25% of voters think the tax plan has actually helped their family’s finances, with the other 65% pretty evenly split between saying it’s actually hurt (32%) or had no impact (33%) on their families. There continues to be a strong sense that it was done just for the benefit of the wealthy- 52% think the rich will be the main beneficiary to 25% who say the middle class and 8% the poor.

Tom Cotton, French Hill and them would say the voters don’t know what they’re talking about.