I’m reminded of the phrase we used to recite as we left First Methodist Sunday school: “Be ye doers of the word and not hearers only.” Some young Muslims lived that creed yesterday in White Hall, where the high school principal, Mark Jelks, won international infamy recently for posting an anti-Muslim meme on his Facebook page.

KARK/Fox 16 has the story.


On Wednesday, a group of Muslim students from Little Rock delivered flowers and a note with the principal’s name on it.

The teens say they wanted to apologize as Muslim-Americans for not doing enough to change high school principal Mark Jelks’ perception of their faith.

White Hall Superintendent Doug Dorris accepted the gift on Jelks’ behalf and said the students should not be apologizing for anything.

“We do understand that there are several unconscious biases and other factors that go into the way that Muslims are perceived,” says Waleed Masood, a senior at Pulaski Academy. “Islams and Muslims, we’re not violent. We are forgiving, so we do understand where people come from.”

“We can all learn from anything that has happened in the past,” says Dorris. “For those kids to come in on their own, that speaks volumes.”

Jelks has been seen at school and the district hasn’t said whether there’s been any disciplinary action against him for  sharing an image from another Facebook page that said “Kick Islam out of America.”

Jelks issued a brief comment to one media outlet that fell short of an apology.


Meanwhile, these young Muslims men have demonstrated another way, one that Jelks  could find exemplified in the Christian religious books more prevalent in his hometown.

I was sent this Facebook video of Muslim students heading to White Hall yesterday with their message.