Sen. Missy Irvin outdid Rep. Robin Lundstrum yesterday in disdain for the people of Arkansas when it comes to the minimum wage.

You may recall that Lundstrum, in unsuccessfully backing legislation to roll back the voter-approved minimum wage increase, said she viewed the legislature as a “check and balance” on the people — state motto Regnat Populus notwithstanding.


Last night, the Senate Public Health Committee chaired by Irvin, the Mountain View Republican and wife of a doctor, was considering a House-passed bill, HB 1821, to provide state financial support for home health agencies that served the disabled and aged to cover their increase wage costs because of the minimum wage increase. Irvin is NOT happy these agencies didn’t fight the voter initiative. Check this quote (around 8:13 on the video: (not 8:30 as originally written)

This was a citizen-led initiative. It was not an initiative that was sent from this body, the legislature, to the ballot. It was citizen-led so I don’t feel a responsibility to it just because it didn’t come out of our body.

OK then. There are laws and there are laws.


She suggested the providers who failed to join the business lobby coalition to defeat the measure bear responsibility for the outcome. Needing five votes to clear committee, the vote was 4-1 with two absent. Irvin didn’t vote, citing a conflict of interest.

If only we could apply the votes-don’t-count view to the election of legislators.