Financial times continue to be tough for UA Little Rock. Yesterday, Chancellor Andrew Rogerson announced a freeze on hiring and purchasing for the balance of the fiscal year ending June 30.

His memo:


As you are aware, we have been monitoring our budget closely throughout the year to make sure that we align our financial operations with fall and spring enrollment, institutional mission and priorities, and initiatives and goals of the university. In order to end this fiscal year in good financial standing, I am directing all budget heads to put in place these two measures to allow us to pause spending while we close out the 2018-19 budget year and get ready for the new fiscal year.

Hiring Freeze

First, we are implementing an immediate hiring freeze on all vacant positions and positions that may become vacant until further notice. Exceptions will be made only for critical positions which will have to be approved by the appropriate vice chancellor and by the chancellor.At this time, previously approved positions that start after July 1 are not frozen nor are positions funded by non-state sources or grants.

Purchasing Freeze

Second, we are implementing an immediate freeze on purchasing. No one should initiate a purchase order, use a purchasing card (P-Card), BTA (travel card) or a blanket purchase order until further notice. Exceptions for essential purchases must be authorized by the appropriate vice chancellor. Near-term travel commitments that are already in place will be exempt. All other travel plans must be authorized by the appropriate vice chancellor. Additional detailed information on how this will be implemented will come later today from Desiree Taggard, our Director of Procurement Services.

UA Little Rock, as with most in higher education, has faced challenging financial times in the past and should expect to in the future. Though none of these experiences are easy, we always come back strong and continue on with our mission.

The Cabinet and I are committed to making the best informed and most strategic decisions we can to move this university forward. We trust that you will give your full cooperation to the measures outlined above and discuss this with staff and faculty in your area as needed.

I’m seeking some further details.