The House adjourned today with plans to return at 10 a.m Wednesday and some items pending.

SB 411, the anti-sanctuary city bill that was defeated in committee Monday remains lodged there. That committee meets this afternoon. There could be another vote today. Or there could be a vote on the House floor tomorrow to pull the bill from committee with a two-thirds vote.

Also pending on the House calendar is a heavily amended Senate bill that could clear a path to a Little Rock election on mayor-council government. It needs a House vote and Senate concurrence in amendments for passage. A new question arises on whether the bill, since it supposedly has been amended to apply only to Little Rock and not other city manager cities, whether it is unconstitutional local legislation.

We don’t know yet if the Senate will finish today and return tomorrow for cleanup. President Sen. Jim Hendren said he wants to finish the Senate agenda today.


UPDATE: The Senate also is coming back.

The House and Senate both passed the big state budget bills today (allocating the rainy day fund and the revenue stabilization act) so the most important work is done.