SEN. LINDA CHESTERFIELD: Opposed anti-canvassing legtislation.

The Senate failed again today to pass Sen. Mark Johnson’s SB 463 to cripple paid petition canvassing for ballot initiatives.

The vote was 15-8, with 12 not voting.


Sen. Mat Pitsch, who’s carried both an earlier bill and a proposed constitutional amendment to hamper popular petition drives, said his group had hoped to put more restrictions on paid canvassing in their earlier bill but had been told they’d be unconstitutional. He also said this bill, which amends a similar portion of the statutes, could affect the earlier bill sent to the governor.

Johnson said he believed his bill was constitutional and noted that in the 8th Circuit the appellate court had approved a proposal in his bill to outlaw per-signature payments to canvassers.


Sen. Linda Chesterfield said the measure was an effort to stymie the popular will and made education requirements for canvassers that exceed those for elected public officials.