GOING HOME: The Arkansas House finishes up.

The Arkansas House and Senate completed action today and recessed until a return April 24 for what’s hoped to be a ceremonial close. Problems can develop.

The House stayed a little longer to adopt some rule changes. Key was a return to some control by legislators of their committee assignments based on seniority, now wholly in control of the House speaker. That rule was changed on a 77-6 vote. Another rule changes the time that must pass before a bill may be considered in committee. It says a bill must wait two days after filing before it can be placed on a committee agenda.  It passed 67-11.


House and Senate completed action today on the big budget bills.  Both worked through lists of generally minor legislation. Among, them the House passed without dissent the heavily amended bill that might provide a pathway to referring to Little Rock voters a proposal to change city government to mayor-council form. There are more than a few legal and political questions to be answered before that comes to pass.