UNPLEASANT MEMORY: Trump plan on immigrants recalls the bad old days of the civil rights movement.

The Washington Post has dug up another piece of diabolical meanness by the Trump administration — a plan to dump detained immigrants in “sanctuary cities” such as San Francisco to punish political enemies such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Even ICE objected and the plan is now apparently dead. Sounds like an idea Sen. Gary Stubblefield, author of ‘sanctuary’ legislation for Arkansas, could love. Maybe dump them in Little Rock and then throw up a fence around the capital. After moving the capital to someplace safer, say Bentonville, of course.


Or wait…..Maybe Trump has NOT dropped the plan.

To which a Washington Post reporter commented:


In any case, such ugliness is not unprecedented. Carl Leubsdorf, the Dallas Morning News columnist, remarked on Twitter how the idea recalls the civil rights years, when segregationists, particularly in Little Rock, devised “reverse freedom rides” to ship black people north.


From the Encyclopedia of Arkansas History

There was bizarre coda to the Freedom Rides in Little Rock. In 1962, Amis Guthridge of the Capital Citizens’ Council (CCC) embraced the idea of “Reverse Freedom Rides” to send African-American families north. The CCC paid the one-way fares of more Reverse Freedom Riders than any other Citizens’ Council branch in the nation, approximately 200 total, sending them to Hyannis, Massachusetts, the summer home of the Kennedy family. The New York Times described the Reverse Freedom Rides as “a cheap trafficking in human misery.” As the Citizens’ Councils ran out of money for fares, the Reverse Freedom Rides ground to a halt in late summer 1962.

In 2011, reporters delved into what had become of those in Arkansas and elsewhere who migrated to new homes. Some returned.