The state Education Department has released school report cards for the 2017-18 school year.

The searchable database, for both districts and individual schools, is here.

From a department release:

In addition to information about student achievement and growth, graduation rates, college readiness, teacher quality, school expenditures, and long-term goals, the 2018 reports feature several new components. Data about homeless students, students in foster care, gifted and talented students, and students of military families are available, as well as several new modules.

The Growth module provides a growth score for each grade level by content and subgroup of students.

The English Language Proficiency module provides information about the number and percentage of English learners earning a proficient score on the English Language Proficiency Assessment.

The School Quality and Student Success module provides information about school characteristics, such as the number and percentage of students reading on grade level.

The Cross Tab modules provide information regarding the achievement and growth of students by subgroups. 

The Long-Term Goals module provides information about the progress of schools in relation to the long-term goals set by the state.

Though growth is a factor in computing overall grades, scores on a standardized test remain a prime component. Neither Arkansas, nor any other state, has yet solved the disparity in standardized test performance among students of different economic backgrounds.


Note: I’ve tried to use the score search function this morning. It’s not responding, perhaps from demand.